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International relations

The University of Udine has a long-term experience in international project management and scientific co-operation. It has international partnerships with many universities and research institutions worldwide. Partnerships, student exchange programs have been contracted, and double degree programs are being implemented. Many of the current research and teaching activities have an international orientation.

The University of Udine has been ranked first among the Italian Universities for its Medical school for 6 times in a row. This is far above the average for Italian universities, and underlines the University of Udine position with regard to international co-operation.

The University of Udine runs a language centre that offers a wide range of language courses (including preparatory intensive courses in Italian and English language), conducts tests, and issues certificates. It is well equipped and has sufficient facilities for accommodating and hosting visiting staff and students (accommodation in private flats, library, computer centre, sports, and cultural facilities).

Via Tarcisio Petracco, 8
33100 Udine
tel: +39 0432 556220 -fax: +39 0432 556229