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The ERDISU of Udine is the Regional Body for supporting the right to higher education.
The main principles that lay the foundations for the Italian education system, and, in particular, higher education, are presented in the Italian Constitution.
Article 34 of the Constitution establishes the principle of the right of individual citizens to higher education: "All those who can prove the necessary competency and commitment have a right to pursue the highest levels of education, regardless of their financial means."
The concept of the right to higher education has been modified over the years, reaching beyond the scope of basic assistance which consisted of scholarships, accommodation and canteen services thus widening its intervention areas.
It has become increasingly necessary not only to provide services and financial assistance on the basis of precise merit and income criteria thus allowing deserving but financially disadvantaged students to pursue the highest levels of education, but also to promote opportunities that help all students to integrate into academic and social life.
The State has established a set of rules for optimizing and organizing the entire system of services, distinguishing between the duties of the University and those of the Regions as a result of the devolution of administrative powers.
The Regions could choose among direct management, devolution of competences and creation of regional bodies or regional agencies. The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with Regional Law no. 55 of 17 December 1990, repealed and substituted by Regional Law no. 12 of 23 May 2005, established the two Regional Bodies for supporting the right to higher education: the Erdisu of Trieste and the Erdisu of Udine.
Regional Law No. 43 of 1996 has introduced the regional tax for the right to higher education, which amounts to 100 Euros. Students pay when enrolling for every academic year, yet those who are awarded a scholarship or are eligible in final rankings are exempt. The tax levy is entirely intended to finance the study grants.