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Marco Polo programme 2013/14

Progetto Marco Polo - 马可·波罗计划

Ambasciatore d'Italia in Cina, Dr. Alberto Bradanini, allo stand Università di Udine a Pechino Ambasciatore d'Italia in Cina, Dr. Alberto Bradanini, allo stand Università di Udine a Pechino


根据 2006 年中意两国政府间教育合作发展计划,从而制定了意旨在吸引更多的中国学生到意大利学习深造的“马克·波罗”计划。该计划的步骤是先进行预注册 (包括语言课程注册和大学专业预注册),获得学生签证然后开始在意大利为期至少六个月的意大利语语言课程的学习。该计划在申请预注册前没有对意大利语能力的特别要求 (设有意大利语零基础班),而且为中国学生赴意获得学习签证提供了便利条件。



图兰朵” 计划

意大利于2009年开始设立“图兰朵”计划项目。“图兰朵”项目主要针对艺术,音乐和设计专业的学生,为中国学生提供在意大利艺术和音乐类院校 (AFAM) 学习深造的机会,该项目实施步骤与“马克.波罗”计划相同,需先进行预注册,然后获得学生签证的中国学生开始在意大利进行为期至少6个月的语言培训,如果通过了语言等级考试和其所选专业的专业入学考试,便可以在其选择的院校进行注册学习深造了。在申请预注册前没有对意大利语语言能力的特别要求 (设有意大利语零基础班)


提交预祝册申请材料时间:前一个学年的 11 月份 - 12 月份




  • 翻译成意大利语并经过地方公证处公证过的,且由中国外交部和意大利使领馆领事处双认证过的学位证书 (这里的学位证书是指:预注册本科课程需提供高中毕业证书;预注册硕士课程需提供学士学位证书、大学成绩单及课程说明);

  • 由教育部学位与研究生发展中心所出具的高考成绩证明与会考合格证明 (预注册本科课程使用);学士学位证明 (预注册硕士课程使用);

  • 在意大利注册的意大利语语言课程的付费证明。其所注册的语言课程可以是意大利官方认可的对外意大利语大学的语言课程 (即:佩鲁贾外国人大学、锡耶纳外国人大学、罗马第三大学),或是普通大学的语言中心的语言课程,亦或是与不配备语言中心的大学有合作协议的语言学校的语言课程。



Chinese students participating in the “Marco Polo” Project have to deliver their applications to the competent Italian diplomatic authorities in China (please, contact Italian Consulate for deadline). Applications have to concern pre-enrollment in a Laurea or in a one-block Laurea Magistrale degree course to be chosen out of those within which Italian universities have reserved a specific number of places for the “Marco Polo” participants.
The list of all degree courses and of the quotas reserved for them by individual universities has been made available online at the following web address of the Ministry of University and Research
Contingente riservato.
The same list is also advertised by
CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors), by Italian universities and Italian diplomatic authorities in China.
In their applications candidates have to mention also the university site where they want to attend the course in the Italian language; that site must be selected out of those which organise said specific language courses, in addition to the Universities for Foreigners of Perugia and
, and the Third University of Rome.
In conformity to the current provisions concerning all international students, also Chinese candidates have to submit, along with their pre-enrollment applications, the documents relating to their previous studies, included the certificate that they have passed the academic suitability exam called “Gao Kao”; furthermore they must provide documentary evidence that they dispose of sufficient financial means to support themselves in Italy.
Italian diplomatic authorities have to forward to universities all the applications and the respective study documents, duly legalised and completed with the Statement of Validity referring to the awarding country (
Dichiarazione di Valore in loco). When the complexity of the mentioned procedures does not allow to meet the above deadline, the same authorities will forward the various documentations on a subsequent date.
To the end of the issueing to the students concerned of the necessary study visa in due time for their participation in the Italian language course, Italian universities have to conditionally accept all applications until they will receive the respective documentations.
When the language course is held at a university site different from that where a student will be matriculated in the chosen degree course, the diplomatic authorities concerned have to forward the documentation to this last study site and simultaneously inform the first university.
When applications refer to degree courses regulated by admission restrictions, the necessary information will be given directly to the applicants concerned in due time and according to the same modalities as prescribed for all international candidates.
Italian diplomatic authorities will issue the required visa on dates compatible with the those prescribed for the beginning of the language courses; such starting dates, timely communicated by individual universities, are included in a list prepared for the purpose.
Once in
Italy, Chinese applicants have to go to the police station (Questura) in order to ask for a stay permit for study purposes according to the same modalities and times as prescribed for all international candidates.
On the fixed dates, Chinese applicants have to take the admission exams taking into account the agenda that has been determined for all national and international students.
Applicants defined “idonei” (those who have passed the admission exams but have not qualified for a place within the quotas of the chosen university sites) may submit an application for a second placement either in another degree course at the same university or in the same degree course at another university.
Once passed the exams, students may directly proceed to their definitive matriculation in the Italian universities concerned.
Students who have not passed the admission exams or, classified as "idonei", could not be admitted to another degree course or to another study site, must leave Italy by the expiring date of their visa/stay permit for study purposes; just one exception is possible: it concerns only those candidates who hold also another type of stay permit which allows them to live legally in Italy beyond the expiring date of the stay permit for study purposes.