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In today’s society and economy, higher education has become an essential factor for competitiveness, within a constantly changing and increasingly globalized system. Offering new generations a highly qualified curricula does not merely imply transmitting knowledge and
developing expertise. It also involves contributing to a general development program, in line with the world of production as well as the social and cultural fabric of one’s own country.
Currently, the University of Udine has ten faculties with 39 first cycle degree courses and 35 second cycle degree courses and is active in the field of postgraduate training with advanced courses, masters, graduate specialization schools and research doctorates.
The Graduate School (Scuola Superiore) has been running since 2004. The high quality of this institute aims at offering second level degree courses through a highly qualified and interdisciplinary course of study. 


  • Humanities:
    Mauro POZZANA,
    Voice: +39 0432 556684
  • Economics and Law:
  • Pierina ROVERE,
    Voice: +39 0432 556681
  • Medicine and Surgery:
  • Margherita MENICHINCHERI,
    Voice: +39 0432 556687
  • Scientific:
    Guido ZANETTE
    Voice: + 39 0432 558385

    Incoming mobility

    Students mobility is an essential part of the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP).The Programme implements various European cooperation initiatives in the field of higher education and training that are promoted and sustained by the EU. The LLP Programme consists of four sub-programmes, including “Erasmus”, which gives students the opportunity to study in a foreign country. This period of study will be fully recognised as part of the student’s academic achievements. The University has established collaboration relationships with approximately 200 universities.

    If you plan on visiting the University of Udine as an exchange student as part of an approved exchange scheme such as Erasmus LLP Study, Eramus Mundus II, Alpe-Adria, Florence Nightingale, Bi-lateral agreements or other similar project please contact the International Student Service Office.