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Benvenuto! / Welcome!

Perchè studiare a Udine / Why study in Udine?

Corso Estivo di Lingua e Cultura Italiana / Italian Summer Course

Servizio Studenti Internazionali / International Student Service

Processo di registrazione / Registration process

Prima dell'arrivo / Before arrival

Alloggio a Udine / Accommodation in Udine

Vivere a Udine / Living in Udine


Tabella voti ECTS / ECTS labels

Prolungamento del periodo di studio / Extension of the Study Period

Modifiche piano di studi / Changes to original proposed Learning agreement

Prima della partenza da Udine / Before leaving Udine

Rassegna stampa ISS Press review

International Students

Are you planning to spend a period of time abroad, for study or research purposes?
Are you unsure which University will best serve your interests and best meet your professional /personal goals and expectations? International students have many excellent opportunities available to them for investing in their future and developing their talents and skills through the various internationally recognised and accredited programs provided by the University of Udine.

Feel free to explore the opportunities that  the  University of Udine (Uniud)  place at the disposal of international students.

Welcome Office FVG , jointly developed by the scientific and academic institutions of Friuli Venezia Giulia, aims at offering a wide range of helpful services and useful information about the arrival and stay in the Region through this website and two infopoints in Trieste and Udine . It addresses mobile students and researchers coming from all over the world.